Advanced Laravel

Advanced Laravel: 5 subjects and links to gain an understanding of that subjects.

Pretty frequently i get a query from junior developer like “what are the way to get better at Laravel”, and there’s so much to observe probably that I determined to accumulate the topics and classify them in some way. Let’s begin.

Subject matter 1 :  Sending emails and notifications

It looks as if a subject for basic Laravel developer, but even as it’s smooth to send emails, however the whole system of various notifications is much deeper, and worth reading. 

Sub-subjects and links:

Sending Laravel notifications (now not most effective e-mail, but also Slack, SMS and many others);

Setting emails into queue (greater on that later);

Using outside services to send emails – Mailgun.

Subject matter 2 :  Superior Eloquent and DB Operations

Eloquent is a exceptional Laravel mechanism to deal with the database, but there’s such a lot of less-known capabilities beneath the hood, like: Observers, Accessors/Mutators, Seeding, “magic strategies” like firstOrCreate(), Collections and many others.

Sub-subjects and links :

Model Observers – official documentation;

Accessors and Mutators – official documentation;

Subject matter 3 : Creating Artisan commands

We all probable use instructions like “php artisan migrate” or “php artisan make:model“, but it’s often beneficial to create your personal command, and probably positioned it as a job into queue (see subject matter 5 below).

Sub-subjects and links:

Writing Artisan commands – official documentation.

Subject matter 4 :  APIs: Assets, Auth and Passport

This one is quite huge – the entire world goes API, and also you have to study it. Some time in the past i might recommend mastering Lumen, but now it lost reputation and performance gain over essential Laravel.

Sub-subject and links:

Eloquent: API sources – official documentation;

Construct a rest API with Laravel API assets – article from Pusher;

Laravel API Authentication – official documentation;

Laravel Passport – official documentation.

Subject matter 5: Queues and Jobs

Present day web-programs are lots greater than just browser-primarily based synchronous web page rendering, a whole lot of stuff is taking place inside the history at the server, even as person might not even be on-line. So queues are becoming an increasing number of crucial to learn. Additionally, there are some tool associated with the queues mechanism.

Sub-subjects and links:

Laravel Queues and Jobs official documentation;

Laravel Horizon – dashboard to screen queues;

Laravel Queues Demystified.

Note: Jobs can be no longer queue-able and simply run each time you ask them, maybe even in sync mode, but it is able to be a terrific practice to structure your project code into Jobs, for clarity.