Where to buy the hottest shoes Nike Jordan sells?

Where to buy the hottest shoes Nike Jordan sells?

Where to buy the hottest shoes Nike Jordan sells?

Unknowingly, the first week of 2021 is coming to an end. Have everyone rushed for the first pair of sneakers in the new year? Anyway, the editor has signed the

Air Jordan Shoes 2021

at the original price. I hope that the actual product will be really fragrant! The sneaker circle in 2021 is destined to not be ordinary. In the first half of this year alone, there will be new super multi-pound joint products such as Dior and OFF-WHITE on sale. After reading this article, you will know what ruthless goods are worth starting!

Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat"

Item No.: CU1110-010, full body cool black dress and named after Joe's classic nickname, handsome and easy to match, players who like little black shoes should not miss this pair of re-engraved classics. The Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat", which appeared in 2006 in the black cat color scheme, returned after many years, bringing us a pair of cool and handsome all-match products. From the quality of the material to feel versatile, this pair of Air Jordan 4 "Black Cat" is perfect. Through the neat pure black tone, the gray details and the texture collision of different materials still have a rich visual hierarchy. The upper foot not only has a strong OG temperament, but also allows you to easily build a handsome overall wearing effect, and the return rate is naturally guaranteed.

Air Jordan 1 Hi '85 “Reverse Bred”

Item No.: BQ4422-600, as one of the most popular first-year color schemes of Air Jordan 1, the voice of re-engraving the black and red Air Jordan 1 “Bred” has been very high. Bringing the color matching reverse design can be regarded as an alternative tribute to the classic. Air Jordan 1 "Bred" is undoubtedly the most classic Air Jordan 1 first year color scheme, and the classic color is reversed and reorganized, not only retaining the original flavor of OG temperament, but also deducting a new visual effect. The whole pair of shoes is made of red to create the color of the frame of the shoe body, and the toe, side and auxiliary positions of the upper are decorated with black. The flying wing logo on the upper is presented in a black effect under the red background, which is full of eye-catching effect. Match the white midsole and red outsole to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes. Needless to say, the black and red shoes have an on-foot effect. They are eye-catching and can be coordinated with various styles of pants. It is reported that the world is limited to 23,000 pairs, which is more rare than the conventional color matching in the past. Nike Air vintage shoe pockets will also be attached to the shoes, highlighting special specifications.

Air Jordan 5 "Fire Red" Item No.: DA1911-102

, which is called "Kaede Rukawa" by countless comic fans and shoe fans, is derived from the Air Jordan 5 favorite of Kaede Rukawa, a popular character in "Slam Dunk". At the same time, it is also the boot for Joe to set a career high scoring record. Air Jordan 5 is rarely re-enacted in the first year, which coincides with the 30th anniversary of this year. Therefore, the classic style of Air Jordan 5 Rukawa maple color matching was re-enacted in May this year. Recently, there is no more heavy classic color on sale in the short term. In the future, many people who buy Air Jordan 5 will still choose Rukawa Maple. It is recommended to start as soon as the stock is sufficient.