Katy Perry Becomes Heartbreak Healer

Katy Perry Becomes Heartbreak Healer in New ‘Never Really Over’ Video.

Katy Perry is back with her upbeat new tune “Never Really Over,” produced via electronic pop artist Zedd.

The track and its colorful video, are simply about a pesky, 2d-guessing heart, and the lengths of self-love and woo-woo recuperation Perry will put endure to make it go away.

Main up to the release, Perry hosted an intimate Q&A with lovers on the YouTube area L. A. (and even got matching tattoos with them after.) Throughout the discussion, Perry told moderator/choreographer Kyle Hanagami about her struggle to embrace the awkward dancer she is. “I’m not really a ballet kind of girl,” said Perry, “I’m more of a ‘pass the burrata’ girl.” 

Welcome back, Katy Perry.

We tried our best to pick-up the best line from the track and those lines are :-

“‘I guess I could try a new therapy, I’ve gotta rewire this brain/ ‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name,”.