PUBG Mobile Lite - Top Free Game in India

PUBG Mobile Lite (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) becomes top free game on Google Play store in India.
Know a way to play and test the complete Gameplay, Winner Pass and Game Map.

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What is PUBG Mobile Lite? 

The PUBG Mobile Lite is a controlled and lighter model of the PUBG Mobile game. This PUBG Mobile Lite version has been designed completely for basic Android phones, which run on 2GB or lower memory.

PUBG Mobile Lite(PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) India has become the top free game on Play store within simply three days of its launch. The game turned into released on 26 July 2019 in India. People with entry-level smartphones having low configuration can now access the PUBG Mobile Lite gameplay, that's the appropriate alternative for PUBG Mobile. All they need is around 500 MB of space in their smartphones to install the game. The game permits users to play at the battlefield in a collection of 60 gamers in a smaller map. The game lasts for most effective 10 minutes, not like the PUBG Mobile which stretches as much as 30-40 minutes.

System Requirements to play PUBG Mobile Lite version?

 - Entry-level smartphones

- 600 MB of space for set-up

- Less than 2 GB RAM

PUBG Mobile Lite Game-play & Features Like Game Map, Graphics, Rewards, Duration & Pass:-

PUBG Mobile Lite’s home page is similar to that of the PUBG Mobile. As soon as the player signs in, he or she gets to see the PUBG weekly rewards, sign in rewards and other in-game rewards. At the bottom of the game, there is a tab that enables players to invite their friends and add them in the game. However, the game does not allow players to form a Clan.

Game Map: For novices, there is only one map ‘Erangel’ and only a single arcade mode option ‘War mode’.

Graphics: PUBG Mobile Lite graphics display features trees, leaves, buildings, doors, and the water. All PUBG Mobile graphics and equipment like vehicles, guns and weapons are available in the game.

Number of Players: Instead of 100 players, only 60 players can play the battlefield game in the PUBG Mobile Lite version.

Duration of Game: The game just lasts for 10 minutes.

Winner Pass: Instead of the Royal Pass, the PUBG Mobile Lite has the Winners-Pass.

Working Of PUBG Mobile Lite :

The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile Lite game has been built on the unreal Engine four and is played in a smaller map area with just 60 players in a match. The PUBG Mobile Lite gamers can enjoy clean gameplay in low network regions as well. This Lite version even assists the players with crawling and standing positions, permitting them to have a grip over their gameplay in a weak network zone.

PUBG Mobile Lite Game Link:- PUBG MOBILE LITE

The PUBG Mobile Lite has been available on the Google Play keep for nearly a year now; however, the game was available in India last week itself. Tencent and PUBG Corp at the same time launched this lite version of PUBG  Mobile game in India within a month of the launch of PUBG Lite for pc in India.