Stunning snapshots of the solar eclipse over South America.

Total solar eclipses are uncommon, however what is even rarer about Tuesday's occasion is that it occurred without delay over an area of the Earth most prepared to witness and study the heavenly bodies.

A complete solar eclipse stretched across South america on Tuesday. Just after 4:30 p.m. ET, visitors of a live-stream and in parts of Chile and Argentina witnessed a stunning transformation of the sky as day turned to night and the moon progressively blocked the sun.

"It was an experience  to last numerous lifetimes," said Chilean tourist Rene Serey.

An expected 300,000 travelers had flocked to the place in which dryness, crystal-clear air and little mild pollution have created a stargazers' paradise.

Solar eclipses show up when the sun, the Moon and Earth line up, permitting the Moon to cast its shadow on Earth.


Source :- Marcelo Hernandez-Getty Images

Source :- Marcelo Hernandez-Getty Images