Air Jordan 7: The Complete Guide to Colorways

Air Jordan 7: The Complete Guide to Colorways

Air Jordan 7: The Complete Guide to Colorways

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As we all know, 2015 is the 23rd year since the

Air Jordan 7

came out. Let us review the history of the entire Air Jordan 7 production line. The Air Jordan 7 was originally released in 1992 and is still designed by Tinker Hatfield, the main designer of Jordan Brand. Unlike other first-year designs of previous sneakers, the Air Jordan 7 did not use a visible air cushion unit and canceled the "Nike Air" logo on the heel. Its heel is made of neoprene similar to Huarache, inspired by the tribal culture of West Africa. A total of 5 pairs of colors were released in the first year of the first year, including the first Olympic-inspired color, which Michael Jordan himself wore in 1992 to win the Olympic gold medal with the American "Dream Team". This pair of Olympic color Air Jordan 7 It is also the only colorway with the number "9" (Jordan national team number) at the heel, and the rest of the

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shoes are the number "23".

On the 10th anniversary of the

New Jordan 7 UK

, Jordan Brand decided to re-enact this pair of sneakers, but only two pairs were released, including the first year's "Charcoals" color scheme and the new color scheme "French Blue". ", and uses a new material similar to the leather tongue. In 2004, two years after the first re-enactment, the Air Jordan 7 "Olympic" colorway returned for the first time. In 2006, the Air Jordan 7 colorway was released with two pairs of "LS" (should be LifeStyle, which is sold with the current season's clothing), followed by the first re-engraved "Cardinal" colorway, and two pairs of brand new colorways. "Flint" and "Citrus", and a pair of women's exclusive sneakers. In 2008, the original colorway "Hare" returned in the form of the "Countdown" set. In addition, the color matching of the Olympic Games, and the limited number of sneakers inspired by the Spanish painter Joan Miro were also released that year. In 2009, Air Jordan 7 ushered in a new color DMP "Magic" and a newly named "Charcoal" color as a pair of sneakers in the DMP suit.

In 2010, in order to meet the "world basketball world" Jordan

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Brand re-released the Air Jordan 7 "Olympic" for the second time. This time, a heart-shaped pattern symbolizing "love the game" was added to the side of the heel. Released that year. In 2011, the Air Jordan 7 ushered in the second major re-enactment, and the "Bordeaux" color scheme ushered in the first re-enactment sale in 19 years. This pair of sneakers also became the most popular re-enactment sneakers of the year. Air Jordan 7 "Orion Blue" (Orion Blue), Air Jordan 7 "Year of the Rabbit" was also released that year. It is worth mentioning that the Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal" is on sale again. In 2012, Air Jordan 7 re-enacted 5 color schemes again, and Jordan Brand re-enacted the Air Jordan 7 "Olympic" color scheme for the third time, this time following the re-engraving of the first year. In addition, there are two pairs of "J2K" color matching with weaving technology on sale. Released as Air Jordan 7 in 2012 is also the 20th anniversary of the Olympic gold medal, a package called "Golden Medal Moment" was released, Air Jordan 7 "Golden Medal Moment" and

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"Golden Medal Moment" were released together. The Air Jordan 7 "Charcoal" colorway is released for the third time.

After more than 2 years of hiatus, Air Jordan 7 ushered in a re-enactment in 2015, its 23rd anniversary. New color schemes such as "Barcelona Night" or the re-engraved "French Blue" color scheme are the 2015 Air Jordan 7. The 23rd anniversary, but also the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand kicked off.