Everything You Need To Understand About Brave Browser And Brave Publisher Application

Brave offers a publisher application that's available for any website online which includes platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo channel and Twitter, Reddit or Github account.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a new open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser, that is changing the way users, publishers and advertisers browse and interact with the internet.

The current digital advertising model is a broken system that only benefits intermediaries, with Google and Facebook taking 72.88% of all ad revenue generated. Conversely, ads and trackers cost internet users as much as 50% of their mobile data every month, reduce battery life by up to 21% and violate privacy. Furthermore, publishers see only a small portion of ad revenue while advertisers suffer from fraud and ad blockers.

The brave browser is aiming to solve those systemic issues with the aid of growing a wholly new virtual advertising and marketing atmosphere that places power again into the palms of customers.

Brave Browser blocks all ads and trackers by default, which greatly speeds up loading times and improves privacy for the user. However, you can still change your preferences to allow specific ads and trackers on sites of your choosing.

What is the Basic Attention Token?

BAT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users, publishers and advertisers to efficiently and fairly exchange value in return for viewing or producing content and ads.

How to participate in Brave publisher program?

All you need to do is Sign Up and create an account

Declare your internet belongings through verifying it

Create an Uphold account and ink your Uphold account with Brave publisher Account.

That’s it!

How to verify website for Brave publisher program?

People who use WordPress, can use the WordPress plugin for quick verification. Other platform users can take advantage of Text-file based or DNS-based verification. YouTube verification is as easy as a click.

The best part about this program is:

  •  You need to setup once and forget about it

  • You can add multiple websites, Twitch channel, YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, Twitter, Reddit or Github account that you own

You will automatically earn BAT token when qualified users will browse your site on the Brave browser.

This accumulated BAT token can be withdrawn to your Uphold account.

Guide to Setup Brave Publisher account & Earn BAT Crypto Token:

  • Click on the link Brave publisher and create an account
  • Single account can add and manage your multiple websites, Twitch channel, YouTube channel and Twitter, Reddit or Github account.

Screenshot below will guide you how to add channel to Brave Publisher account.

After signing up on Brave Publisher account click on Add Channel then select the platform you wish to add.

Enter the domain info of your website.

Depending upon the platform you use:

  • You can verify using DNS record.


  • You can verify using text trusted file.

Connecting Uphold To Brave Publisher account

For withdrawing all the crypto coins that you earn from the Brave publisher program, you need an Uphold account.

Create an account on Uphold

Screenshots below will show you how Uphold dashboard look like:

Overall, the process breaks down to three basic steps:

  • Create a Brave Publisher account
  • Add your website, twitch or YouTube channel
  • Connect to Uphold to withdraw funds