Best Gaming Consoles to Buy Online in India

Are you a gaming lover? In that case, you'll love this gaming consoles collection. Due to the fact right here we've listed some of the great Gaming Consoles in India.

There are numerous types of gaming consoles available in the market with different versions. So, it becomes hard to select the best among them. To make your challenge smooth we have shortlisted best rated gaming consoles :-

1. Sony PS4 Slim 1 TB Console

Presently, Sony Play Station 4 is the best gaming console available in the market. It offers you first-class gaming experience with HDR technology. It additionally supports virtual reality, however if you want to use it, you've to buy PlayStation VR Separately.

Sony PS4 Slim 1 TB Console

2. Xbox One X 1TB Console

Xbox is the best competitor for Play Station, and people are continually get confused which one to choose. In case you are a Xbox lover, then perhaps this is the model that you are looking. It has 1TB hard drive included.

Xbox One X 1TB Console

3. Xbox One S 1TB

Xbox One S 1TB