Air Jordan 4 Retro "Lightning" Tour CT8527-700 Would you like it?

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Lightning" Tour CT8527-700 Would you like it?

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Lightning" Tour CT8527-700 Would you like it?

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The re-enacted Yellow Lightning Air Jordan 4 is on sale again this summer! In the past, Michael Jordan owned a racing team, and Jordan Brand used this team as inspiration to design new shoes. For example, the Air Jordan 4'Thunder and Lighting Pack' is a classic example, and now the "Yellow Lightning" Air Jordan 4 in the series The Lightning color scheme is expected to come back this summer. This

Air Jordan 4 Retro "Lightning" Tour CT8527-700

color version first appeared in 2006, during which it was also used by Travis Scott and other celebrities, and it caused quite a stir and influence in the shoe circle. After fifteen years, the color scheme will return again this year.


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'Thunder and Lighting Pack' came out in 2006, including the black Air Jordan 4'Thunder' and the yellow Air Jordan 4'Lightning'. The Air Jordan 4'Thunder' color scheme was re-enacted in 2012. Now it is the 15th anniversary of the sale of shoes, and the brand also intends to bring the Air Jordan 4'Lightning' back to the market. If you didn't know that next year is the 30th anniversary of AJ 6, looking at the recent AJ 4 color matching, you would probably think that next year will be the 10th anniversary of AJ 4. Not only will there be a brand new AJ 4 that resembles Travis Scott's joint name, but it is also rumored that the OVO joint name will be released. In addition, it was sold in a super limited edition with Thunder in 2006. It can be called the sky-high price electric mother Air Jordan 4 " Lightning" will also return.

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According to foreign news, this time the Air Jordan 4 ‘Lightning’ will be reproduced with the original appearance, and a special shoe box corresponding to the color of the shoe will be attached, and a family portrait will be sold. It is expected to be available in August this year. Back then, Air Jordan 4 Lightning was sold exclusively on the Internet. It was regarded as one of the ancestors of shoes that started online sales. Behind the bold color matching of the shoes, it also carried a history of new business models.