Have you bought the legendary AJ2 generation?

Have you bought the legendary AJ2 generation?

Have you bought the legendary AJ2 generation?

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. Jordan 2 is the most precious model in the Jordan series. It was designed by brucekilgore and produced in Italy. It has a fashionable appearance and surpasses the traditional basketball shoe design concept. The side of the shoe retains the logo of two trapeze wings. This is the only model in the Jordan series that does not have a black color scheme. It is said that the second generation of black Jordan has been designed at that time, and sample shoes have been produced, but in the end it was not produced.

Due to injuries,

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only played 18 games in the 1985-86 season with an ankle injury and missed the next 64 games. Jordan returned from injury in March 1986. The 1985-86 season was the most incomplete season in Jordan's career. The second generation of Jordan was given a special meaning and became precious for this reason. On April 20, 1986, Jordan was injured and returned to the first round of the playoffs. In the battle against the Boston Celtics, Jordan set a record of 63 points in playoff history. In the season from 86 to 87, Jordan wore Jordan 2 to create a surprising scoring record-averaging 37.1 points per game, and won the NBA scoring title with this result.

The second generation of Jordan removed the Nike hook-shaped logo that

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have always had, and adopted the French design concept, which is characterized by a simple design concept. In addition, it produced for the first time two basketball shoes of the same style, high-top and low-top, which were also retained as a tradition of the Jordan series. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan continued to wear Jordan 2 generations, this year he won the slam dunk contest. In that season, Jordan scored a total of 3,041 points, the third highest score in a single season in NBA history. At the same time, with an average of 37.1 points per game, he won the league's "scoring champion" for the first time. In the first year of the AJ2, only the back palm sole was used, but since then, both versions of the high and low help re-engraved used 3/4 palm sole, which is an interesting phenomenon.